What is occidens


The West is not a civilisation or a geography; it is a territory of the mind which provides a horizon of humanity, based on freedom, solidarity and human dignity.

The West is a melting pot. It has developed over time through the clash and coalescence of different civilisations: its roots stretch back to Classical Antiquity (Athens, Rome, Jerusalem and the Germanic spirit), it took shape through the Gregorian Reform in the Christian Middle Ages and it reached its zenith in the Modern Era.

… democracy, critical rationality, the state based on the rule of law, a free economy based on private property, freedom of conscience, human rights and solidarity are all Western achievements.




The project goes beyond the exposition. OCCIDENS has a universal scope and attempts to reproduce similar expositions in other western countries, to serve as a stimu-lus of reflection and a permanent reminder of the origins of our culture.
After the journey through the history of the West comes the unavoidable question: And now what? How do we confront the future?